Healing and Deliverance

Bring them down to the pit of destruction


In Psalm 63 verse 9 the Bible says “but those that seek my soul to destroy it shall go into the lower parts of the earth” There is a place called the lower part of the earth that the bible says is prepared for them that are seeking for your soul. Also in Psalm 55 verse 23, the Bible mentioned again that “but thou O God shall bring them down into the pit of destruction: bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days: but I will trust in thee” There is another place called the pit of destruction that the Lord promised to send blood thirsty enemies. There are three categories of your enemies that the Lord will send to the pit of destruction; the first been those seeking for your soul, the second are the blood suckers while the third category are the deceitful enemies.    freedom-from-spiritual-prison

I want you to pray the following prayer before you continue
– All those seeking to destroy my soul shall end up in the pit of destruction in the name of Jesus
– Father Lord expressly send the enemies waiting to drink my blood to the pit of destruction in the name of Jesus
– Powers assigned to deceive me deceive yourself and fall inside the pit of destruction and die in the name of Jesus

What is the pit of destruction?

The pit is a hole dug in the ground; it may be small or big depending on the purpose. Pits are called by different names but the common ones are holes in the ground, well, grave, latrine or trap. Irrespective of the names they are called, they have two missions which are restricting movement and aiding death / decay. In our passage we learnt about a pit called the pit of destruction, this pit has the power to kill, waste, stop, destroy, cage and scatter. I’m praying for someone here that your stubborn enemies shall fall into the pit of destruction in the name of Jesus. This pit of destruction that the Lord will throw all your enemies is far more than what man can imagine. Man has the capacity of digging to a certain level but God can dig beyond man’s limit. I’m praying for you that all those pursuing you day and night shall end in the bottomless pit of destruction of the Lord in the name of Jesus also pray this for yourself that oh Lord locate the camp of my enemies with sudden destruction in the name of Jesus, Say Lord lead my adversaries astray into the pit of destruction in the name of Jesus

What the pit of Destruction will do

The pit of destruction of the Lord will cause the followings to happen to your enemies:-
– Sudden destruction
– Waste their weapons
– Make them to flee from you
– Make them food for the ground
– Caged them forever
– Frustrate their activities and plans
– Make them powerless
– Bury them before your eyes

Enemies that will end in the pit of destruction

Who are the enemies that the Lord shall bring down to the pit of destruction?
– Village Witches and wizards
– Arrows of afflictions
– Unexplainable Sickness
– Powers causing prayerlessness and powerlessness
– Those fighting you because of your destiny
– Bad luck
– Rejection
– Stagnancy
– Failure
– Untimely death
– Night masquerade
– Idols of your father’s house
– Evil priest
– Those using the elements to fight you
– Those consulting the water spirits because of you
– Eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood
– Those seating on your promotion
– Those chanting incantations at night against you
– The spells placed upon you
– Heavy load

Call for repentance

For God to bring your enemies to the pit of destruction, you must be for God and not against him, you must be living a holy life, believe and have faith in God, are you here today and you are tormented by the enemies who have vowed to eat your flesh and drink your blood, cry no more the great deliverer master Jesus is here to deliver you and bring your boasting enemies to the pit of destruction but before this can come to pass you must surrender unto Jesus and repent of all your sins, quickly say this loud; Lord Jesus I come to you, I acknowledge you as the true God and accept you as my Lord and personal saviour, come into my life and take your place, I say bye – bye to sin and receive the grace to leave a righteous and a holy life, remove my name from the book of sin and write it in the book of Life in the name of Jesus Christ I have prayed.

Action plan

Do you know that as God has his own pit of destruction so also the enemies has their own pit where they put people, blessings, glories, virtues etc. I want you to declare holy and violent war against the pit of the enemy by praying the following prayer

1. Pit of darkness holding my virtues in captivity catch fire in the name of Jesus
2. Owners of evil pit fall inside your pit and die in the name of Jesus
3. I set on fire all evil weapons used to dig evil pits in my place of birth in the name of Jesus
4. All those hired to dig my grave while I’m still alive fall inside the grave and be buried alive in the name of Jesus
5. Eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood waiting for me in the grave die in the name of Jesus
6. I bind and cast into the pit of destruction the strongman harassing my destiny from my father’s, mother’s and in-law’s house in the name of Jesus
7. Pit of destruction open swallow my enemies in the name of Jesus
8. I shake my sickness and my infirmities into the pit of destruction in the name of Jesus
9. All those pursuing me day and night shall fall into the pit of destruction in the name of Jesus
10. I throw all evil reports into the pit of destruction in the name of Jesus
11. Materials of darkness placed upon my destiny fall inside the pit of destruction in the name of Jesus
12. Witchcraft padlock, witchcraft chains and witchcraft altars operating in my life fall inside the pit of destruction in the name of Jesus
13. Father Lord dig a bigger pit of destruction for my Goliath in the name of Jesus
14. My Goliath, witchcraft barriers, my sickness, polygamous and household witchcraft I bury you alive in the bigger pit of destruction in the name of Jesus
15. All those frustrating my efforts, career, marriage and ministry shall all be buried in the pit of destruction in the name of Jesus
16. Maybe your case was not called, in the next few minutes now called on God and ask him to bury your unwanted situations in the bigger pit of destruction
17. I recover back all my potentials, virtues and glory buried in the pit of the enemies in the name of Jesus
18. My money in the pit of the enemy jump out and locate me now in the name of Jesus
19. I pull my legs, my hands and head out from the pit of the enemies in the name of Jesus
20. Father Lord we thank you for this great deliverance

Divine Revelation

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