Time and opportunities

1. The enemies within
2. The enemies at the door
3. Dream interpretation
4. Breaking lose from spiritual detention
5. Common wealth of all people
6. Identifying and processing opportunities
7. Identifying and overcoming common opportunity wasting exercises
8. Biblical examples of people that saw and grabbed opportunities
Day 1: The Thief on the cross
Day 2: Moses and the burning bush
Day 3: Women with the issue of blood
Day 4: Zacchaeus
Day 5: Blind Bartimaeus
Day 6: Abraham and the visiting angel
Day 7: Esther as queen
9. The head fit for oil
10. Benefits of grabbing opportunities
11. Opportunities and not challenges
12. Exercising the power in your tongue
13. Put away your strange gods
14. My position shall not be vacant
15. The green pastures
16. Daily confession and prayer
17. Prayer against the conspirators
18. The parable of the prodigal son
19. The parable of the sheep and goats
20. The power of the eyes
21. The ministry of growth
22. The impurities of the heart
23. Let them grow together
24. The word of God and the purpose
25. Appreciating him for the price he paid
26. The judgement seat of God
27. Faith in Prayer