Allowing God to lead you

1. God will make a way
2. Divine Order
3. The ministry of Obed Edom
4. He that is without sin among you
5. Be cut down, cast into fire and be rooted up
6. Tribulation upon them that are troubling me
7. O my God I trust in thee
8. Overcoming the tempter
9. They that are after my soul
10. Deliverance from the grave
11. Understanding and overcoming the power of the enemies
12. The deceitful heart
13. My day of miracle
14. They are recorded
15. Powers against answered prayers
16. Power in Prayer and fasting
17. Operating in the power of fire
18. In thy seed shall all nations be blessed
19. I will give you rest
20. In a great house
21. The lust passeth away
22. Herod shall not kill my children
23. Praises unto him that called you out of darkness
24. Your mouth and your destiny
25. M”>The truth shall set you free
26. Denying Jesus Christ our saviour
27. Repent and live
28. The stolen shall be recovered
29. Tomorrow is not certain
30. Jacob to Israel
31. The God of the armies of Israel
32. The devil will not have my soul
33. The filthy garment
34. My testimonies shall not die