Operating under open Heaven

1. My heaven must open
2. Your true identity
3. Jesus Christ of Nazareth the saviour
4. Mourning to dancing
5. At the mention of his name
6. The power of a believer
7. The unbroken
8. They shall fall by their own sword
9. Disobedience cometh by hearing the word of man and Satan
10. The works that I do shall he do also
11. I shall not dance to the dance of shame
12. Declaring the glory of God
13. I will be with thee and go before thee
14. This shall be the portion of their cup
15. Lord fight my battles
16. The situation is good but the water is bad and the land is barren
17. The ignorant prince
18. What a friend we have in Jesus
19. Blessed are the merciful
20. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God
21. Where your treasure is there will your heart be also
22. As it is written
23. Spiritual problems spiritual solutions
24. The encounter with Saul
25. Pulling down high places
26. Is there anything too hard for God to do
27. Diversities of gifts but the same spirit
28. The fruit of the spirit
29. The call into ministry
30. 30 Characteristics of infants in the house of God
31. It is well with me (The joy of the new age)
32. You shall see them no more
33. Show my people their transgression
34. Lord increase me and my children more and more                                                  Video
35. The Church was praying without ceasing unto God for him          Message         Video