1. Jesus in the Church
2. Jesus in the home
3. Uprooting demonic plantations
4. The issue of blood
5. Holy spirit in the church
6. Thou art loosed from thine infirmity
7. Deliverance of names
8. My enemies shall die and must die in my place
9. Heaven and Hell are real Part 1: Is your name in the book of life
10. Lord save my children
11. Affliction shall not rise the second time
12. The snare is broken
13. No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper
14. Heaven and Hell are real Part 2: What must I do to be saved
15. My children shall not beg for bread
16. Your healing is permanent
17. Present day church a market place
18. My stubborn pursuers must die
19. The profitless race
20. Breaking lose from embargo
21. How to recognise embargo
22. Praying against embargo
23. Heaven and Hell are Real Part 3: The acceptable religion
24. It shall not stand
25. My body is the temple of the Holy spirit
26. The power of midnight prayers
27. Dealing with anti gospel forces
28. Heaven and Hell are real Part 4: Beware of Satan the deceiver
29. Prayer for the family
30. He sent his word
31. Those seeking for my soul shall die
32. Heaven and Hell are real Part 5: I’m coming soon
33. My children shall fly high
34. My Family shall rejoice and be glad
35. The rod of the wicked shall not rest upon my home
36. Killing the serpents and scorpions in the church
37. Disappointing the devices of the enemies
38. Escape from the pit
39. Heal me O Lord
40. Wakati Adura
41. Midnight prophecy
42. Deliverance from placenta bondage
43. Uprooting demonic and satanic plantations Day 1: Fear must die
44. Uprooting demonic and satanic plantations Day 2: Uprooting tragedy and calamity
45. Dangers of fake identity
46. Silencing the voice of the oppressors
47. Cause thine anger towards us to cease
48. Shaking off the serpent
49. The manisfestation of Jesus Christ
50. Divine protection
51. Existing and living
52. The word that will not stand
53. Day 3: Failure must die
54. Day 4: Destroying the marks of rejection
55. Day 5: Untimely death is not my portion
56. Day 6: Destroying dream pollution
57. My destiny must manifest
58. Day 7: Breaking curses
59.Day 8: Stopping the wasters
60. Day 9: Dealing with the conspirators
61. Day 10: Silencing the voice of the senior brother
62. Day 11: Breaking the yoke of ancestral slavery
63. Day 12: Dealing with the spirit of antichrist
64. Day 13:Breaking limitations and barriers
65. Encounter with the Holy spirit
66. Day 14: Deliverance from spiritual marriage
67. Conditions for obtaining the blessings of the Lord
68. Day 15: Escape the spear of the wicked
69. Living daily by the word of God
70. Day 16: The soul in prison
71. Day 17: Witchcraft must die
72. Day 18: Cancer must die
73. Recognising your gold
74. The Cain in my life
75. Day 19: Spiritual blood cleansing
76. Day 20: Afflictions shall not rise again
77. Day 21: Lord expose the secrets of my enemies
78. Understanding the power of midnight prayers
79. Obtaining good success
80.The way to the strong tower
81. Gods declaration upon man in the beginning Part 1: Be fruitful
82. Part 2: Multiply
83. Part 3: Replenish the earth
84. Part 4: Subdue the earth
85. Part 5: Dominion over all things
86. Be merciless towards my stubborn enemies
87. If God be for me
88. The ways of death Part 1: Adam and Eve
89. The ways of death Part 2: The voice of the people
90. The ways of death Part 3: The murderer
91. The ways of death Part 4: Achan’s greed
92. The ways of death Part 5: Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot
93. The ways of death Part 6: Insulting the anointed
94. The ways of death Part 6b: Insulting the anointed
95. The ways of death Part 7: Haman and Mordecai
96. The ways of death Part 8: Inability to discern Samson and Delilah
97. The ways of death Part 9: Not knowing the Lord Son’s of Eli
98. The ways of death Part 10: Doing things not commanded by God, sons of Aaron
99. The ten commandments Day 1: Thou shalt have no other gods before me
100. The ten commandments Day 2: Thou shalt not make image for yourself nor worship them
101. The ten commandments Day 3: Thou shalt not take the name of God in vain
102. The ten commandments Day 4: Honour the sabbath day