Our services

I greet you all in the name of our lord Jesus Christ and welcome you to his glorious presence, my prayer is for God to cover you with everlasting glory and beauty in the name of Jesus.

We humbly bring  our weekly programmes to your attention

Monday’s:        Prayer for the church                         10:00pm – 10:30pm

Tuesday’s:        Prayer for the family                         10:00pm –  10:30pm

Wednesday’s : Prayer for the children                     11:45pm –  12:15am

Thursday’s :      Prayer for the Nation                        10:00pm –10:30pm

Friday’s:            Healing and Deliverance  hour       11:45pm – 12:15am

Saturday’s:       Weekly vigil                                         11:45pm – 12:15am

Monthly vigil:   Last day of each month                   11:45pm – 12:15am

Sunday’s:          Knowing the truth                            13:30pm – 15:00pm

May the good lord bless you as you share and join in the name of Jesus