Connecting with the latter glory

1. living witness of the later glory
2. Requirements for enjoying the later glory
3. It is over with shame, reproach and sorrow
4. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord
5. Take it to God in Prayer
6. Without Jesus
7. Demonstrating the power of God
8. Breaking the bondage of generational slavery
9. Understanding covenants Part 1: Satanic covenants
10. Understanding covenants Part 2: Pay your vows
11. Praying for our leaders
12. Judge not
13. The image of jealousy
14. Revive us again
15. Freedom is not cheap
16. Price of making heaven
17. Power is costly
18. Freedom is not cheap Day 1: Magicians and their serpents
19. When I see the blood
20. Freedom is not cheap Day 2: The Water turns to blood
21. Freedom is not cheap Day 3: The plague of frogs
22. Freedom is not cheap Day 4: The plague of lice
23. They will not follow you
24. Cutting down evil trees