Divine help and connection

1. Divine help and connection
2. I need help
3. O Lord connect me
4. Making God your friend
5. God is not a respecter of man
6. The hands trained for war
7. Working together for good
8. Seven facts of life we must always remember
9. The grateful and ungrateful soul
10. Dealing with family and polygamous witchcraft
11. Breaking the cycle of poverty
12. These signs shall follow them that believe
13. Little to mighty
14. Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow
15. Ending Barrenness
16. The wise man which built his house upon a rock
17. The promise of long life
18. The wages of sin is death
19. Hated unto death
20. Binding and paralysing the strongman Click to watch on youtube
21. Deliverance from the demons of insanity
22. Breaking satanic covenants and evil agreements
23. Cutting down unprofitable trees
24. Hearing but not broken
25. The detestable and polluted offering
26. Thou shalt also decree a thing
27. Who shall stand in his holy place
28. Reasons to accuse
29. They shall not prevail against thee
30. Sleeping when you ought to be praying
31. The ministry of the pastor’s wife (overcoming the misleading forces)
32. Understanding the word of the spirit
33. The wheat and the tares
34. My day with the word of God and prayer
35. The umbrella ( for without me)
36. The teacher